IJAW Youth Council, IYC, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of waging a political war against South-South and South-East regions with horribly bad roads.

President of IYC, Pereotubo Oweilami, in a statement, yesterday, said, “President Buhari despite spending four years in government is still treating some parts of the country below the belt. His policies and programmes are not for the benefit of the South-South and the South-East parts of the country.’

“It seems Buhari is still ruling this country along voters dichotomy. Just recently on Wednesday the 27th of November, 2019, the Federal Executive Council (FEC)  approved the sum of N19b to construct roads in northern and western parts of the Country.

“Despite the deplorable states of the federal roads in the Niger Delta region, none was considered by FEC. East-West road, Warri-Benin road, Benin Asaba road amongst many others are now death traps to road users.

” In fact, movement from Warri to Benin federal highway has been cut off as the road is completely damaged. Similarly, the East-West road is no longer motorable as some portions of the road, especially from Bayelsa to Rivers State axis have been damaged.

“Regrettably, these are the only roads that connect the Niger Delta to other regions. Even the Minister of Works is paying lip service to our plight as commuters are undergoing excruciating pains and agonies in plying these roads. Babatunde Fashola’s reference to the deplorable state of the Warri-Benin road as a mere media hype is an insult to the Niger Delta people.

“If the South-South or the Niger Delta region is part of Nigeria,  then President Buhari, his Minister of Works, Raji Babatunde Fashola, SAN, and other top government functionaries should take a visit to the roads in the region from Cross River State down to Edo State and see things for themselves. From the way and manner the present government implements its policies and programmes, it appears that Buhari did not see Niger Delta region as part of Nigeria.

‘The East-West road project which was awarded since 2006 by former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been completely abandoned by Buhari’s government. The present government has displayed an unmitigated hatred for the Niger Delta people, perhaps due to our political leaning in the past elections.